Here are some photos of the shop, of some of the guys working, some of the vehicles we've
worked on and some of the happenings at our shop!


Vrrrooom, look who is getting a new Transmission

Ah! who called an ambulance!

Wow, that's a big truck you go there!

One of the gorgeous collector cars we've worked on

CNC lathe, the newest

Oooooh, lots of  rebuilt transmissions ready for a new more mobile home


That's a pretty sweet Fatti you got there!

Whatcha got under there? one of our AOD conversions.

Funky Ford

A Tool made with our new lathe

Our new CNC lathe

Inside our new CNC lathe

A Classic Beauty on one of the new lifts

Where's the hood? 

The new installation centre

A photo taken from the new loft

Tech's using the Solenoid Dyno

One of our new rebuilding areas

No doors, but at least we've got some bays!

Finally some walls

Nice skylights

hmm, where did the bay doors go?

Digging to start the addition!

Oooh look, finally we can see something!

 1947 Pontiac Torpedo 

1947 Pontiac Torpedo and 1979 Corvette. Both belong to 
staff members and have rebuilt 700R4 Transmissions. 
Now, which one is faster??!! ;)

The CT Performace Race Truck that we sponsor

Is there a body in the back of that? 

Front of our shop on a frosty Morning

One of the Installation Tech's hard at work

A special Heavy duty Custom E40D Transmission for the lovely 
Ford truck pictured right. 

New Ford Truck with a spiffy Heavy Duty rebuilt Transmission

Our 2 Hot Flush Machines, these will get your cooler and lines clean as new! 

One of Our Transmission disassembly stations

This Lil' Red Express got a shiny rebuilt Transmission! 

This unique Auto received a Transmission conversion to a 700R4 overdrive

What's that on the roof of our storage building??

Looks like one of the friendly Canadian Geese that live 
near our building. Honk Honk! 

One side of our shop, this side services smaller vehicles. 

One of our Transmission technicians working on a 

Some of our Clutch plate stock

Some of our overhaul kit stock

Bands in Kevlar and Red racing material

Aren't you done that yet? 

 One of our 2 robotic Torque converter CW3 Welding machines. 

Ah, a freshly welded torque converter! 

Yes, we can work on Larger trucks too! 

This 78 chevy truck belongs to one of the Tech's, we did a Th350 to a 700r4 conversion on it.... vrrrrooom! 

Hard at work

A stock and a heavy duty Beast shell

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