Torque converters

We have a full line of Night Stocker (TM) High Stall Torque Converters. We also stock a full line of Night Stocker(TM) Billet triple lock Diesel torque converters. We either stock or can build almost any custom torque converter in our facility right here in Edmonton.

Our most popular high stalls are available and priced below. If you are looking for something not listed please call
780-454-8598 or and we will be happy to create that perfect torque for you.
All prices in Canadian funds.

The Renegade, fitted with a custom Night Stocker, was
a huge hit at Monster Jam at the Edmonton Coliseum!

Transmission make  Stall speed  Price
(Th400 must have multi-bolt flexplate)

Th350/Th400 10" 3000-3500 Stall

Th350/Th400 10" 3000-3500 Stall
With nitrous plates 

Torque converter being welded freshly welded torque converter The insides of a Torque converter
Th 700R4 2200-2500 Stall (27 Spline, 82-86)

Th 700R4 2200-2500 Stall (30 Spline, 86-93)

Th 700R4 2500-2800 Stall 

Inside  a custom torque converter
Chry 727 3000-4500 Stall 

Chry 904 3000-4500 Stall


Torque converter welding machine

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